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Jack Martin, editor-in-chief of WebSphere Developer's Journal, recently sat down to talk with Jocelyne A. Attal about IBM's plans for the future of WebSphere WSDJ: What do you do at IBM? Jocelyne: I'm the vice president for marketing for the WebSphere brand. Which means a lot of things. I have a wonderful team that covers a very large scope of work for WebSphere. We work on strategy and design for the next version of WebSphere, making sure it has what customers and developers need and want. We are very focused on customer needs. Based on input from technical experts like Danny Sabbah (VP of Development), Don Ferguson (IBM Fellow), and others, we have some very original and innovative technology. Strategy is very important because it's about designing what WebSphere will be next year and beyond. WebSphere has been successful because we base our strategy on customer n... (more)

Birth of a Platform: Interview with Don Ferguson"The Father of WebSphere" - Part three of a three-part series

In the final part of our interview with Don Ferguson, Don talks about the future of WebSphere WSDJ: What is your vision for the future of WebSphere? DF: Our current focus is on implementing Web services and simplifying their development. WSFL and tools support for visually and dynamically building new Web services. Business rules support customizing the behavior of existing Web services. The next big things will be support for better, dynamic binding between a service requester and the multiple implementations that are available. The binding process will be able to consider "quali... (more)

IBM Offers New Role-Based Tools

Well, it's another month and we're off to a good start with IBM making it easier for people to find new uses for WebSphere. IBM has taken the teams-based approach to the next step. They just released a roles-based group of tools - six power packs and eight tracks in total - based on what you do, with two for developers focusing on either J2EE or .NET. System analysts and architects who need to model are also included. Testers have a full portfolio of tools to do code testing. Project managers will find Requisite Pro - a requirements-management tool created by Rational - very eas... (more)

Sarbanes-Oxley: The New Rising Star

Ineffectual corporate management has given a great gift to programmers, system administrators, and CIOs - endless corporate accounting scandals. Our federal government has not missed this scandalous behavior, as they have passed an extraordinarily strong, far-reaching law to contend with financial fraud. Officially it's called the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, but it's more commonly known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Designed to keep corporate managers honest, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act rewards dishonesty with a 10- or 20-year prison sentence for CEOs a... (more)

WebSphere Goes Autonomic

IBM just announced WebSphere Application Server (WAS) version 6, which IBM says can save companies as much as $110,000 per minute in lost revenue and productivity. This capability is a major advance for enterprise-class computing, WebSphere version 6 is designed to automatically detect problems - and automatically save and process Web-based business transactions that until recently could take hours or days to recover under older systems. It is also the first J2EE application server to deliver these capabilities together. The financial impact of IT system downtime per hour varies ... (more)