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Ineffectual corporate management has given a great gift to programmers, system administrators, and CIOs - endless corporate accounting scandals. Our federal government has not missed this scandalous behavior as they have passed an extraordinarily strong, far-reaching law to contend with financial fraud. Officially it's called the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, but it's more commonly know as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is a very special piece of legislation designed to keep corporate managers honest. The Act awards dishonesty with a 10- or 20-year prison sentence for CEOs and CFOs. In addition, it has a provision for taking any and all ill-gotten gains from the dishonest executive. There are approximately 14,000 publicly traded companies in the United States, with just about 7,400 of them traded on the New York, the ... (more)

Business Intelligence: WebSphere Journal Speaks Exclusively to Dave Lai, CTO of Viador

JM: What does Viador do? DL: Viador is a business intelligence tools ISV. JM: What type of Business Intelligence tools? DL: We provide reporting and OLAP analysis tools for customers that need to do reporting and analyze their data such as financial analysis. JM: What customer base do you have; who uses your tools? DL: Our customer base is quite broad. We have Fortune 500 companies like Citibank, Verizon, JP Morgan; and we also have medium-sized shops like Spectra Marketing, which provides a hosted solution (ASP). Viador also has a very strong presence in China. We are one of the lar... (more)

A Talk with Jocelyne Attal

Jack Martin, editor-in-chief of WebSphere Developer's Journal, recently sat down to talk with Jocelyne A. Attal about IBM's plans for the future of WebSphere WSDJ: What do you do at IBM? Jocelyne: I'm the vice president for marketing for the WebSphere brand. Which means a lot of things. I have a wonderful team that covers a very large scope of work for WebSphere. We work on strategy and design for the next version of WebSphere, making sure it has what customers and developers need and want. We are very focused on customer needs. Based on input from technical experts like Danny S... (more)

Talking with Sharon Nunes

Jack Martin, editor-in-chief of WSDJ, recently spoke with Dr. Sharon Nunes, IBM's director of Life Sciences Solution development, about how pharmaceutical companies are handling the rapid growth of information in drug development. WSDJ: How did IBM get involved in the pharmaceutical industries and what type of problem were you trying to solve? Sharon Nunes: In the mid '90s, IBM Research was collaborating on a few joint projects with pharmaceutical companies in the area of drug design and in the area of creating algorithms for pattern discovery and pattern matching. These algorit... (more)

Companies Must Deliver to Survive in Tough Times

After reading Jim Martin's closing piece last month I wondered if we were living on the same planet. He envisions a huge upturn in tech spending - a return to the good old days. I see massive consolidation, with the weakest players going out of business and the companies with good, serviceable products either just getting by or being acquired. The handwriting is on the wall. All one must do to see the future is look at what is happening to the companies who actually buy enterprise technology. For example, Burger King and McDonald's have rolled prices back to the 1970s for their ... (more)